Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nickelback - No Fixed Address

For those who've asked, heres Nickelback's newest album; No Fixed Address. Personally I think Here and Now was way better. But to each their own right? Well hope you guys like it.

No Fixed Address

No More Oldies Link

For those who didn't get it. I'm sorry. It was up for 2 months and that was the dead line. I don't have the original file no more. and it would take more than a few days to redo it and set it up completely. I just don't have the time to do that right now since Christmas is so close.

On the other note, Christmas party music will be here shortly from Leo & Me. Be on the look out for that on our Facebook Page. Hope you're stoked as I am :D XMAS2X15


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Round2Crew EP

Posted one of their tracks earlier today but listening to the rest of their EP..Mannn! I got hooked! Couldn't find the tracks anywhere cept i bought the EP so be sure to check out the tracks...if not download the whole album!


Apparently my sister is in love with this song, says ive got to post it...sooo i guess here it is. Its an aight sappy song...for all you girls...Enjoy!

Going Back to That 07 Easter!

This is probably the first Easter I remember going out...just barely.. But man! What memories though!     Enjoy!:)

Booty Had Me Like...!!

Still working on an all Rap Post and i guess imma start if off with this track.. Give it a listen but really loving the third chorus towards the end..soo damn catchy and smooth!

Going Waaaaay Back

EASTER 2008!

Listening to a couple oldie tracks from the Easters way back then and decided to post em up for all you guys to bring back all those awesome memories partying to these songs!

( missing track 8..cant find it:/)

System Automatic

Another old but gold track....


Old But Gold Track Request! Rush of memories every time I hear this song!:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Music Soon..Ish

PS... Been offline for a while but im hoping during this post ill find some extra time to post up new and old but gold tracks to get your playlist started for this years xmas! I saw a couple requests were put in also, imma try and get links up for those tracks by the end of this week as  put in your requests and ill get you your song by this weekend:)